About TT-InterCup

The TT-InterCup offers to clubs of all divisions without prequalification competition at an international level, which must not participate in the Table Tennis Champions League or ETTU Cup due to their national ranking – even second teams of a club participating in another European Championship are eligible under certain restrictions.

A small entry fee and low costs due to the restriction on participants from Central Europe in the broadest sense: the home team provides free hospitality, the away team covers the travel expenses.

The dates may be fixed within the rounds by mutual agreement, it is played on knock-out-basis until a final round of 4 teams (Final Four). The losers of round 1 are eligible to play in Trofeo Città di Verona until a final round of 4 teams.

The TT-Intercup was founded already in 1990 by an initiative group of international table tennis friends with special support of Casinos Austria AG.

The Austrian Table Tennis Association (ÖTTV) took over the patronage from the beginning, since 1993 sanctioned by the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU).